Monday, November 15, 2010

A Shiver Down the Spine

Hello vintage enthusiasts, 
I spent the afternoon sifting through cookbooks just for you!  One thing I unexpectedly came across while digging through my forgotten stacks of books was a personal recipe collection that I picked up at an estate or garage sale a couple of years ago, thinking it might come in handy

It is essentially a notebook filled with envelopes and blank pages so that the user can stash all of their personal and found recipes in one place. It's fairly old as you can see in the picture below (1942!) but unfortunately it was not employed by its former owner as much as I was hoping (I get the distinct feeling that this belonged to a woman who cooked for her family out of necessity, not because she had a passion for food, which would be far from unusual, but what do I know).  

As far as I'm concerned it's still a delightful find and a few of the recipes I found stashed in its envelopes are truly worthy of a trip to the vomitorium.  I've been debating whether or not the "recipe" I have pictured below is up to snuff, it seems too simple, however, just reading it gave me the willies, which I think signals an implicit, if ungodly, potential.  I mean seriously, peanut butter, onion & milk, that's it?!  Oh the humanity!



  1. hah... Irradiated...

  2. Hey Missy-Austin says this soup here sounds delicious, he eats PB and onion sandwiches regularly-eeek! Gross! I know I married him........have fun cant wait to see your adventures!

  3. Lol, why am I not surprised ;) I miss you two and wish I were closer, your kids are SO cute!