Monday, November 15, 2010

New toys!

Here are a few molds I rounded up from Goodwill, I still haven't found the much coveted fish variety but all in due time my dears... 

How sweet is this set?!  I found it at a used book store ( for $25, but here's the thrifty part, I signed up for their email list or some such and I got 50% off one item!  I think it was a pretty sweet score.  The other book in this picture is one I found on my own bookshelf, it's called American Hostess Library and it holds within it some truly morbid recipes.  I'm not sure how it got here (I like to think it was left on my porch in a basket by some world weary housewife who made one too many batches of prune fluff, ended up strung out on dexies and was unable to care for it anymore).  I'm going to read through and try to have a list of potential recipes up later this afternoon.  

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