Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open your mouth, I'm back!

As with all things vintage, what's old is new again, including this blog!  The last few years have brought about many changes in my life, (and I say this next part without any intention of boasting) these developments have been almost exclusively positive. Since last I contributed to this abandon page three years ago I have experienced innumerable personal benchmarks, including but not limited to purchasing an (almost new) car, a vintage trailer (more on that later), a house and many more dusty old cookbooks. I moved in with the man of my dreams (hey baby!), landed a job that I enjoy far more often than not, became a co-coparent to two amazing kids,  inherited two wonderful "in-laws", traveled to Europe for the first time and fell ass backward into my 30's.  This bounty of good fortune and joy did come at the expense of one thing, (beyond a crippling sense of grown up responsibilities) my time. As somebody who errs on the side of procrastination (or utter laziness, depending on how you frame it), my creativity has gone to pasture and in turn, this blog has been a ghost town. My intention is for all of that to change immediately. I miss cooking. I miss entertaining. Most of all I miss sharing my deeply rooted food perversions with my friends. So here's to new beginnings, to starting over, to a "write or die" philosophy, no matter how self indulgent. I hope you want to come along for the ride!

Ready, set, eat.

No seriously, just put it in your mouth... I need a picture for my blog.